The unique LOGOTEX casing, which allows making sausages of any shape, put into production

The new two-layer LOGOTEX casing developed by LOGOS specialists, has been tested and put into production.

The casing allows making products of any shape given, with attractive baked crust on their surface. This became possible due to the LOGOTEX structure, which consists of two layers – textile and edible collagen. After heat treatment and cooling, the textile casing is easily removed, and the collagen layer, sintered during heat treatment with the surface of the product, forms attractive edible crust. As the collagen layer of the LOGOTEX casing, we use the BEKDORIN film, which is made of beef collagen. The LOGOTEX textile base allows creating a wide variety of bags for filling, granting manufacturers of meat products the opportunity to expand and update their assortment. In addition to the curly bags, the casing is also available in the form of sheets and sleeves.

The casing is designed in accordance with our customers’ requests for non-standard molding of finished products. Due to the color and the label, it becomes more and more difficult to highlight your products on supermarket shelves, and the unusual shape of such a traditional product as sausage shall almost assuredly attract purchasers’ attention.

More information on the LOGOTEX casing – assortment, scope of use, and technological features – can be found on the product page.