BECKDORIN is an edible film made of collagen obtained from the split of cattle-hides. It is used in manufacturing lump meat delicacies and various molded meat products (rolls, ham, etc.)

During heat treatment, the film completely sinters with the surface of the product, forming an attractive baked edible crust that protects the product from moisture loss, preserves its freshness and juiciness. The film also allows you to form small-scale raw materials, reducing industrial residue. To give an individual look to the product, it can be used simultaneously with elastic net casing or in molds.

To date, this is the only collagen film for meat processing, which is produced in Russia from domestic raw materials in accordance with the technology developed by specialists of the company LOGOS.


  • classic meat delicacies (ham, brisket, carbonate, neck, shoulder, loin)
  • boiled and boiled-smoked ham
  • meat loaves and other products in various meshy molds
  • meat products in nets
  • various meat rolls (including those made of poultry meat)


  • The film has a soft and delicate structure, and does not give the meat product foreign tastes and odors
  • Due to its good vapor, gas and moisture permeability, it allows you to achieve high taste and aroma indicators. It improves the result of the smoking process by providing more even color and taste;
  • It sinters well with the surface of the product during heat treatment, thereby protecting the product from moisture loss, and increasing its juiciness
  • The ruddy baked crust formed on the surface of the product as a result of sintering provides it with an attractive and natural look
  • In the finished product, the film is completely edible, delicate in taste, has a pleasant, natural "bite"
  • It facilitates separation of the product layers when forming rolls and pates
  • The mesh does not stick to the surface of the product after heat treatment, and is easily removed from it
  • It allows you to mold small-scale raw materials, reducing industrial residue
  • It keeps spices and sprinkles on the surface of the product
  • It preserves the fragrance of special products with spices


BECKDORIN film is available in rolls and sheets.

The length of the film in the roll is 30, 50, and 100 m.
The length of the film in the sheet is 600, 700, and 900 mm
The width of the film is 325, 400, 480, 580, and 620 mm.

The film is supplied both colorless and colored with food dyes. The use of the colored film allows you to give the product the intense smoked color even after short smoking.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to produce the perforated film.