NETCASING is a fibrous casing with the glued non elastic net. During stuffing, the casing expands unevenly because of compression of the non elastic net, so that the product acquires the relief surface and the attractive appearance.

This makes the product stand out at points of sale and can be an effective tool for positioning the product in the premium segment. Thanks to the “handmade” appearance, sausages in nets are perceived by consumers as more natural and of higher quality.

NET CASING is made based on VISKO TEEPAK fibrous casings by gluing the non-elastic net with the help of the technology developed by LOGOS specialists. The high vapor and smoke permeability of the fibrous casing provides the meat product with an excellent taste.

Scope of use

Cooked sausages; cooked and smoked sausages; salami and dry sausages.

Specifications and advantages:

  • the attractive “handmade” appearance
  • positioning of the  product in the premium category at minimal cost
  • the variety of the casing colors and nets weaving types for unique  appearance of your product
  • high mechanical strength
  • vapor and smoke permeability for desired flavor and color of the product when smoking
  • stable size during stuffing, heat treatment and storage
  • can be used on all types of automatic and semi-automatic equipment.


The entire color palette of Visko Teepak fibrous casings (the most popular colors are Clear, Nat55, Mah17, Red18).

You can choose the level of adhesion that best suits your needs: for example, the low level of Meat Cling Low for boiled and smoked sausage, or the high level of adhesion of Meat Cling High for raw sausage with long shelf life.

Calibers: 45-105 mm.

The net colors: white, red, black.

It is available both in rolls and in the shirred steaks.

Net weaving types


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